Wits University Launches my Book 8th August

Meet Miss Stacey Fru; the author
The University Of Wits Education Campus will Saturday the 8th of August host a book launch for an author that could emerge as the youngest writer in South African History. Stacey is a bubbly young Grade 3 Learner who is making her mark. With qualities of a prolific writer, Stacey’s first book ‘Smelly Cats’ was written when she was 7 years old. Now, only 3 weeks after Smelly Cats was first launched, on the 16th of July 2015, Stacey’s second book went in for editing and is due for publication later this year. She is also writing songs, poems and short stories.
Stacey is a young girl with a passion for writing and an amount of energy that few children her age will surely possess. She is a motivational speaker who has taken it upon herself to ignite the passion for reading and writing on mankind. Listen to Stacey speak and watch her listen to, interact with and respond to others, then you will understand who exactly she is.  
Stacey’s first book “Smelly Cats” is about two cats who are cousins. It portrays the common challenges of different socio-religious and academic backgrounds as well as challenges posed by geographical locations to the two on a daily basis. Stacey’s book also depicts that even though the cats come from the same family, they are bound to have differences due to who they are. The constant fights are real reflections of daily lives. However just like in real life, fights are a vital spice of life that do not last forever. Want to know more? Check out her website to order copies of her book or call directly on +27 82 548 6385 for copies.
Her second book is titled “Bob and the Snake”.
The stories in both Stacey’s books are about animals; a resonance for her love for animals and nature in general. But as the above summary depicts, she also writes about the importance of friends, parents and behaviour to growing children.
Stacey lives in Waverley in Johannesburg with her parents, her two brothers and a sister. Stacey is vocal about the fact that she is inspired by life and motivated by those who love and care about her. That irrespective, she holds her parents as her greatest influencers. It is worth nothing that she has shaped her own life through her love for books and stories. Of course her parents have and continue to implant values that have helped her, including the role of education and the importance of books thereof. Even though they encouraged Stacey to follow her dreams and to work hard and harder than before, they would like to always be there to guide her and their other three children. They would like the world to help groom Stacey and to reinforce the importance of religion, respect and responsibility which they are already teaching her.
Stacey sees hers as a responsibility to read and mentor younger people, but to read as a companion for older people also. She plans to buy an office for this project with the first R17, 800 that she makes.
With supportive and encouraging individuals around her, Institutions like the AngloGoldAshanti, and the Department of Basic Education and schools like Eden College in Lynthust, Pro Ed House (Cape Town), St. David’s Marist College Inanda, Wits University, Kind David’s College, Auckland Park Primary School, others that have not yet been singled out, and the academic world already encouraging and supporting young Stacey Fru, she could just be writing her life into the great book of records - one of Africa’s or even the world’s foremost writers.

For More Information Contact Victorine Mbong Shu on 082 548 6385


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