Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Press Release: Book Launch for 8 years old Stacey Fru in Johannesburg

Monday, June 29, 2015

To:                  The Newsroom
C/o:                 The News Department

Dear Sir/Madame

RE: Announcement of a book and the Book Launch by An 8-Year Old Female South African Author in Johannesburg

An 8-year old called Stacey Fru has written a book. Her book is titled “Smelly Cats”. This book is about two cats who are cousins. It portrays the common challenges of different socio-economics, academic and religious backgrounds in which the two survived. In this book, Stacey portrays the difference in places where the two cats stay and how this affected their daily lives.

Smelly Cats also depicts that even though the cats come from the same family, they have differences in friendship, love, hate, care, economic backgrounds and behaviour due to who they are. As her characters behave both naughty and badly, Stacey tells us the role of school discipline in their lives.

The constant fights between the two are real situations in daily lives. However just like in real (human) life, fights are a vital spice of life that do not last forever. Stacey, concludes her book by stating that “Life is not a bed of hatred. You grow better when you fight to spread love and have fun in a child’s way”.

Stacey has two confirmed Book Launches:
The first launch is at Sacred Heart College Johannesburg on the 16th July 2015 at 6:00 for 6:30pm
And the next at the University of Witwatersrand on the 8th of August (time to be confirmed for late afternoon).

Who is Stacey Fru?
Stacey Fru is a bubbly 8 years old South African girl whose love for reading and writing inspired her love for creative writing. Her observance in life is exposed in “Smelly Cats”.  Stacey who is a Grade 3 learner at Sacred Heart College in Observatory-Johannesburg, finished writing this book two weeks before she turned 8. Taking her passion very seriously, Stacey is already writing a second book. Before Smelly Cats was published, Stacey started positioning herself as a motivational speaker and has given public talks to diverse audiences in different occasions, the biggest group being over 800 Matric learners at the AngloGoldAshanti Career Expo 2015. In pursue of this new-found passion, Stacey looks forward to be an inspiration to mankind. She hopes to motivate and educate children, adults and communities through her writings and other works. She thanks all those who believe in her and her vision.

Stacey is also a great guitarist, an excellent ballet dancer, an instrumental netball player and a great athlete whose passion for everything else does not supersede the written work.

Contact/access details for Stacey Fru
Victorine Mbong Shu
PR and Marketing
Phone:                        +27 82 548 6385
Email:                         stacey@staceyfru.co.za         
Website:                     www.staceyfru.co.za
Facebook:                  www.facebook.com/staceyfru
YouTube:                   www.youtube.com/staceyfru
Blog:                           www.staceyfru.blogspot.com