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It all started as a happy family sitting in the t.v room. Then the parents took off to do some work now it was just the four of us sitting like we were bored. So just then Shanon my older brother remembered that he had to do something for his soccer club. Since his iPad was locked up in our fru cave where we hang out during holidays so he asked to borrow  my iPad. I got board of looking at him trying to get my password right so I went to chill with our mom only to find out she had a call so I went to dad but my little sister Synclaire was reading to my dad so I walked back to the t.v room and sat down. Now my brother was starting to do something interesting designing your own team. Just then 'woof! woof !' diamond our dog was barking so I stood up to see what he was barking at. I then called Sydney and Synclaire so we slowly walked through the kitchen then the lights went off we turn around and saw Synclaire running towards the t.v room. Sydney and I run to go shout at her. On…