Sports on First Day of school this term

At school I was involved in sport it was tiring our first sport was shot put it was fun and it worked up my mussels well at lest I was in the top ten the teachers were very kind and supportive some people were hurt the coach was so helpful and he had the spirit he put his trust in us. The next activity was long jump did not do well but I am happy did the activity I ran and landed into the sand pit ya I was sandy and I said to myself " I need to take a bath." after that we had our break my sandwiches were good a friend of mind offered to buy something from tuck. Then we went to high jump some people say it is the wrest I do not I made it throw three rounds I was so surprised and Meghan made it throw four rounds go. we went to our final race the boys went first now the girls go Alley is for the win thumbs up.    


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